Feeding patties bee feed or pollen substitute

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These feeding patties are made from Mann Lake Ultra Bee, irradiated pollen and sugar syrup approx 300g

They are supplied vac packed and you simply open that pack and place a patty above the frames or squeezed into the queen excluder. The patty is wrapped in grease proof paper as a deterrent for beetles, but please be vigilant as beetles love the protein in these as much as the bees.

According to Mann Lake their benefits are:

  • Increased brood production!
  • Healthier, stronger bees!
  • No animal by-products!
  • A complete amino acid profile!
  • Beneficial vitamins, lipids and minerals!
  • Made with the finest ingredients!
  • Ready to feed when you need it!
  • Highest protein content available!
  • 58% Crude Protein