Apis Small Hive Beetle trap

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Constructed of a semi-hard plastic, the trap has an opening catch and side locking pins. 4 slots of 2mm in height on all 4 sides allow beetle entry but exclude the bees. The trap measures 120mm x 120mm.

The non-toxic sticky board insert is simply fitted into the trap after the protective cover on the mat is removed. Close the trap and ensure the side pins click in to secure the trap lid shut.

Trap placement

When placing a trap in the top box, DO NOT place the trap directly over the brood core below, place the trap in a corner so that the trap are over the slots on the frames. Bees may wax or propolis the slots, initially service the trap each 7 days, clean the slots and then place the trap int he opposite corner. The bees become used to the traps and stop propolising the slots.

If placing the trap through the entry way and below the brood frames, attach a wire lanyard and use the lanyard to push the trap through the entry way for ease of servicing.

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