Bee Vacuum complete

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When catching swarms or performing cutouts a bee vac is sometimes the only way to get the job done. Over the years we have used a few different bee vac's and feel this style is the most useful.

The bee vac comprises of a special lid , screened spacer and base, hose and vacuum source.

To use it you get a good condition 8 frame full depth super with waxed frames and place it on the special base placing the screened spacer screened side down and special lid on top. Using ratchet straps tightly strap the stack together.

The vacuum source is fitted to the lid (it pushes into the large hole) , the suction tube is connected to the base the vacuum cleaner turned on and the suction adjusted using the gate valve until the bees are just picked up.

Suction control is important if its too strong the bees will be damaged in the hose, you only use just enough suction.

When the suction is turned off plug the hole to keep the bees in, the lid can be removed leaving the screened spacer in place for ventilation.

Kit comprises of.

Lid, Screened spacer, Base
1m Suction hose (can be extended)
Commercial Vacuum cleaner in box as suction source