Bees installed in hive or nucleus box for delivery in Spring 2017 (End October)

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Live bees with a queen installed in the box of your choice, langstroth or Flow hive only, verified disease free and guaranteed, these will be colonies split from our hives.

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Why buy a nucleus instead of a package ? 

Nucleus hives are a small beehive with a laying queen and all stages of brood along with honey and pollen, they will develop faster than a package and can be inspected for signs of disease that cannot be detected if there is no brood. 

If you chose the nucleus box then the bees will be installed in an 5 frame corflute nucleus, the nucleus box is yours to keep and can be used for swarm catching etc 

If you want to get started in beekeeping and already have a hive or have purchased a starter kit from us then this will populate your hive with an already established colony.

Ideal for populating any Langstroth hive including Flow Hives. Not suitable for Warre or Top Bar hives.

The other two choices are for a single 8 or 10 frame box with bees installed ready to take home, it includes frames lid,base queen excluder mat and emlock.

These hives are pickup from Mascot only and can not be shipped, they will be ready for collection in Spring 2017 at the end of October