Bees installed in nucleus box (ready in Spring)

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Live bees with a queen, verified disease free and guaranteed. Brood and honey over five full depth frames, ready for you to install into your own beehive.

Ideal for populating any Langstroth hive, completely compatible with Flow Hives. Not suitable for Warre or Top Bar hives.

We can install the bees in your own equipment in the Inner Sydney area for an additional fee,  see here for details.

If you bring your own gear into the shop we will install them for $50 into the brood box. You can then return and collect your brood box with bees, please contact us to organise this.

Please note the purchase is non refundable but we may be able to find a purchaser if you decide to you don't need the nucleus when closer to the delivery date.

These hives are pickup from Matraville only and can not be shipped. Please choose 'pick up in store' when prompted for shipping at checkout.

Why buy a nucleus instead of a package ? 

Nucleus hives are a small beehive with a laying queen and all stages of brood along with honey and pollen, they will develop faster than a package and can be inspected for signs of disease that cannot be detected if there is no brood. 

The bees will be installed in an 5 frame sturdy plastic nucleus, the nucleus box is yours to keep and can be used for swarm catching etc. 

If you want to get started in beekeeping and already have a hive or have purchased a starter kit from us then this will populate your hive with an already established colony.

Information that will be requested from all beekeepers who purchase a nucleus in line with current DPI regulations - we will contact you via email after payment has been made.

Full Name 
Contact number - 
Full address- 
Beehive registration number -
(This is from the DPI and starts with the capital letter N. You receive a separate letter from the DPI after payment of your registration)

Please contact us if you are unsure how to register to with The Department of Industries.