Beetltra Small Hive Beetle Trap bottom board complete

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The BEETLTRA base is a folded bottom zincalume (0.55mm) board with the BEETLTRA trap fitted.  This product also has front and end treated pine cleats fitted suitable for “on ground” use and to give a “landing platform” at the hive entrance. The cleats can easily be painted if you wish.


The folded sides allow this to be used as a complete hive bottom board and is ready for use.


The BEETLTRA small hive beetle trap is an Australian innovation established to develop a safe, effective, and non contaminating solution to the problem of SHB. The BEETLTRA design consists of a UV stable black plastic tray and rails fitted externally underneath the beehive baseboard, and is an easy access, low toxicity and environmentally friendly way to kill SHB (small hive beetles). BEETLTRA is compatible with Langstroth, Warre and Flow hives.


Please select either 8 frame or 10 frame.


Proudly made in Australia.


The small hive beetle (Aethina tumida), commonly known as the SHB, is a serious threat to apiculture (beekeeping) in Australia and overseas. SBH is responsible for causing serious damage to our beekeeping industry.