Centennial Park lands Honey

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The busy bees in our hives boost pollination within the Park and the serendipitous outcome of their hard work is the delicious Centennial Park Honey.

Our honey partners, The Urban Beehive help us bring Centennial Park Honey to your table. It makes a great gift, souvenir or a delicious treat for yourself.

What makes Centennial Park Honey unique?
Centennial Park’s bee hives are located in a protected bird sanctuary, which is also home to a rare pocket of the endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub. Every batch of Centennial Park Honey tastes different, with its distinct flavours varying based on the season and unique combination of nectar collected by the bees.

Our honey is 100% raw and unheated, this means that it retains a full, rich flavour unlike many kinds of commercial honey, which undergo treatments such as high-temperature pasteurisation.

Centennial Park's bees are more than just honey producers – we use our bee hives for education, teaching the story of native and European bees, and how they contribute directly to the human food chain. Not only is our honey delicious, it also acts as a learning opportunity for the next generation!

Raw unheated and minimally filtered our honey is just as the bees made it.