12-frame Konigin honey extractor radial semi-automatic electric drive

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 We've been searching for a sturdy, well-made brand of extraction equipment for a while to compliment or range of cheaper units. When we saw Thorne in the UK was stocking these Polish-made Konigin units we just had to have them, because Thorne are a respected company with more than 100 years' in the industry; they even make their own extractors! So to stock a competitor's product, it must be good! 

This 12 frame radial extractor features all stainless steel construction and electric drive.  Its suitable for full depth frames only.

These units have a bottom mount motor, lid interlock and a fully automatic controller with manual mode.



Honey frame type Langstroth
Size of drum Ø820 mm
Height 110 cm
Height without stand 610 mm
Weight 40 kg
Made of Stainless steel. The machine is made entirely of stainless materials. The most commonly used corrosion-resistant material with the symbol 1.4301 / AISI 304
Stand Stainless steel, height 90 cm. Stable and easy to dismantle.
Hinges Stainless steel
Drum 0.8mm thick, stainless steel acid-resistant.
Basket Frames available to turn into a tangential extractor.
Bottom Bottom is conical, made of acid resistant stainless steel, 1mm thick.
Lid Lid made of polycarbonate or made of acid-resistant stainless steel 1mm. Please indicate while ordering.
Motor and drive Electric motor, bottom drive.
Drive 230V, emergency stop
Power consumption 250W
Motor rotations per minute 2.780
Honey basket rotations per minute Max. 400
Honey extractor valve Stainless steel 5/4
Slunga kontroller Controller (direction left and right) operated manually speed controller
Guarantee 2 years
Shipment Pallet shipping
Additional options on request 1. Additional stainless steel valve. 2. 370W engine rpm. 3.640. 3. BATTERY POWER 12V CONTROLLER 12V

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