Extractor 18/30 Frame Radial 12 and 240 V W217

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This Lyson radial honey extractor holds 30 ideal or 18 full depth frames in its cage, it has a digital controller with the ability to run of 240 volts  or 12 volts in the one package.

Lyson offers quality honey processing equipment and gear and they are considered world market leaders in their field.

Product line OPTIMA
Type of extractor radial
Drum diameter[mm] Ø720
Drive system electric, bottom
Power supply 12/230V
Controller SDD-2DP
Motor Gear pulley 24V/350W
Drum thickness 0,6 mm
Honey gate Stainless 6/4"
Top bar Powder coated plate
Cover Acrylic glass, 5 mm
Legs Powder coated 50×30 mm
Hinges Plastic 4pcs
Basket material Stainless rod Ø8 mm and Ø6 mm
Reinforcing frame Painted
Drum rim Painted
Drum height 640 mm
Other Pallet shippment
Warranty 3 years*
Warranty* 2 years for electrical components, driver, engine and drive components

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