Healthy bees AgGuide

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 Healthy Bees Ag Guide by the NSW Department of Industries

Pests and diseases can attack specific stages in the life cycle of the honey bee and they can also attack specific castes. This NSW DPI publication covers the management of pests, diseases and other disorders of the honey bee.

Table of contents:

  • The honey bee
  • Colony size
  • Nutrition
  • Effects of seasons and location
  • Disease and disorder
  • Strategies to prevent disease
  • Diseases of brood
  • Diseases of adult honey bees
  • Hive pests
  • Exotic pests
  • Surveillance and response to exotic pests and disease
  • Honey bees and the law
  • Glossary of terms

Published in 2014 and 2016. Healthy bees is part of the AgGuide series and is 75 full-colour A4 pages.