Pierce Speed King Steam Uncapping Knife

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This is a steam operated knife and comes with the silicon steam tubes and connecting hardware, you will need a steam source for this unit.

It is recommend to use a 1500W 120V steamer.
Most beekeepers use wallpaper steamer as a steam source for the knife.
Connect the steam supply line to one of the knife’s tubes. You can use either one of the tubes. Connect the second tube to the steam return line. During use, condensed water will flow through this line.
This line needs to be routed to a bucket to collect the condensed water.
Once steam starts to flow through the knife, let the knife warm up for 3 to 5 minutes.
When done uncapping, clean warm knife with damp cloth.

Made in USA. Speed King Uncapping Knife

Paul Pierce (the founder of Pierce Beekeeping Equipment Company) invented and patented the heated uncapping knife in 1941. This tool established the industry standard for heated uncapping knives and is the preferred tool used by professional and backyard beekeepers alike. Many companies around the world have tried to copy this knife—but there is nothing like the original Pierce Uncapping Knife. All our uncapping knives are handmade in Southern California, USA.