Vaucluse House honey

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This honey is sourced from hives in the Kitchen Garden of Vaucluse house in Sydney, Vaucluse House was built in 1803, and has been lovingly restored. It's part of the only surviving 19th century harbour side estate in Sydney. The gardens in the 10-hectare estate are carefully tendered, so they look like they once did when W.C. Wentworth lived at Vaucluse House with his wife and 10 kids around 1830.

The old kitchen garden is remarkable in its own right. It's based on the old 1840s principles of garden design, particularly for kitchen gardens, and it's got the same water-saving techniques, and even the same kind of vegetables.

The honey is $14 per 300g jar and proceeds from your purchase of each jar will provide much needed funds to support Sydney Living museums vital work in protecting our past history.

Raw unheated and minimally filtered our honey is just as the bees made it.

Image © Sydney Living Museums