Apisolis Smoker

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The fire free bee smoker. 

A new, easy-to-use, safe alternative to a smoker. Apisolis has bellows like a traditional smoker, however that is where the similarities end.

Instead of using smoke, Apisolis produces a gentle vapour, which is based on ingredients present in essential oils. This avoids inhalation of toxic fumes and removes the risk of being burnt. The temperature is regulated and produces only a gentle steam on demand, Apisolis also completely avoids all risk of fire. Safer for you and your bees.

Once set up, Apisolis is very easy to use. It is charged via a USB cable and will switch off after 20 minutes of inactivity to prolong battery life.

One major advantage is that you don’t go home after an inspection smelling like a bonfire!

Each kit includes

Apisolis Unit
USB cable
Instruction manual

You need to order the fluid separately it does not come with the smoker. Click Here

It really works, we have tried these for the last few months and think they are really handy, no need to carry fuel or a lighter. It takes only a minute to be up and running producing smoke and bonus you no longer smell like a bushfire after working your bees.

We have extensively used Apisolis for a 12 months now and found it to be very effective on most hives. If you have an overly aggressive hive then it is not so effective...but then not much is.

To see Apisolis on Youtube click here