Beehive Brood Box Starter Kit

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This is the complete beehive brood box starter kit, perfect for the beginner beekeeper use the drop bar to choose size of either 8 frame or 10 frame, Flat pack, Assembled or Wax dipped and painted Supers.


  • 1 x  full depth boxes made in Australia.
  • Assembled frames embedded with 100% pure Australian beeswax
  • 1 x lid
  • 1 x base
  • 1 x secure emlock
  • 1 x hive mat

Flatpack: This product is a flat pack and will need to be assembled. We recommend using galvanised screws or nails.

Assembled: Assembled by us will need painting This is a quality product that if painted with 4 coats of gloss exterior paint will last for years.

Wax dipped and painted: Supers, lid rims and baseboard risers have been assembled, dipped in very hot wax and then painted they will last many years.

This quality full depth rebate super hive kit has been made in Australia This is a premium grade pine super with handles in the ends and sides. We have changed to Australian milled supers to reduce the carbon miles that are embedded in imported wood ware, this results in slightly higher cost but is much better for the environment.

Be aware that sellers advertising NZ pine does not mean made in NZ the boxes are often milled in China or Pakistan.


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