Hambly Queen dial and Queen V tool package

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 The Hambly Queen Dial

This device is perfect for the beginner beekeeper right through to those using the tool to plan their queen rearing. 

The charts can help you identify how long your hive has been queenless or how quickly your queen started laying. If you have an unexpected cell that you keep it can guide your decision making.

Deborah created this product for her queen rearing classes. The tool is ideal for both professionals and hobby beekeepers, and is useful even if you don't rear queens!

You can write your dates and details straight onto the card then wipe your data off when you want to re-use. There is no more second guessing how long the queen has been out!

This version contains extra diagrams and photos:
-drone, worker, queens
-varroa on bees, larvae and capped cells
- lifespan development and adult life cycle of each caste of bee,
-swarm cell versus supercedure cell information
-laying worker versus new queen laying pattern
-international queen colour chart
-queen cells in various developmental stages highlighted as well as the care, caution and weather they require to successfully mate

Queen V Tool - V is for Virility and Viability 

Fantastic tool which enables you to measure just how good (or bad) your hive and queen are. Great product for beginners right through to commercial beekeepers.

Use this tool to quickly and simply identify how many cells out of 100 (the exact size of the cut out) are empty. Just place it over the densest patch brood and look! Instant answer, easy calculations to work out a brood viability score and a rate the mating of your queen.

Calculate brood viability - how much of the brood is genetically viable (eg how much brood survives to hatch versus how much is spotty)

Use the tool to figure out the quality of your queen/hive scored out of 100.

This will show you how well she was mated.
You can determine if she has a good mix of genes from the drones in the mating area (sex alleles).