Pollination using honeybees AgGuide

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Pollination Using Honey Bees

Beekeepers and growers of horticultural crops, broad acre crops and pastures all benefit from bees visiting flowers. this book informs the beekeeper about preparing and maintaining bees so that they are fit for the pollination task and informs the grower about creating an environment for best results. It describes the specific bee stocking rate required for more than sixty plant species and includes a section on making a business agreement between grower and beekeeper.

Table of Contents:
Safety for personnel
Floral structure
Agents of pollination
Honey bee colonies
Size of the operation
Nutrition for bees
Health problems
Stock selection
Hive strength
Pollination standards
Orchard design and management
Managing hives on the crop
Netting and glass houses
Post-pollination hive management
Contracts and agreements
The bee broker
Appendix 1: Sample pollination agreement
Appendix 2: Individual crops
Appendix 3: Standard operation procedure (SOP)

Published in 2018. This book is 160 pages A4 in size and full colour.