Swarm Catcher bucket on pole

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This swarm catcher will allow you to reach swarms up to 4 meters off the ground without using a ladder and risking a fall.

It combines a standard 20 Liter bucket with a screw fitting on the bottom that attaches to an extendable pole (1.8 meters to 3.6 meters). By using a plastic bucket you avoid the problem of the bees getting stuck to a fabric bag and being hard to dislodge.

To use the pole.

1 Check for power lines nearby as contact could be lethal.

2 Extend the pole to the correct length and position the bucket under the swarm

3 By pushing up rapidly or from side to side dislodge the swarm

4 Lower the bucket (It will now be top heavy) and tap the bees into your catch box

5 Repeat step 4 until you have captured the swarm