Konigin uncapping machine with heated vibrating blades

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This uncapper makes it really easy to uncap your frames it has an inbuilt water heating system to heat the vibrating serrated knives, collecting frames from the built in unboxing shelf you push the frames down by hand and they are uncapped, placing them on the integrated frame rack. Capping's fall into the stainless steel capping's tank where honey is filtered out and tapped off into buckets.

Made of stainless steel and acid-resistant materials
Capping container with strainer and valve
Vibrating knives that do not damage the cells of the comb
Heated knives, water system, closed circuit.
Simple to use

Uncaps frames on both sides at once the set includes a hanger for uncapped frames

230 V mains supply
Uncapping machine dimensions (WxDxH): 89x40x150 cm