Suit Care

​Our bee suits are designed for long life but must be treated with care to ensure this.

One of the problems is mould due to sweaty suits not being aired once they have been used so make sure the suit is not just put away after use as the mould stains are very difficult to remove.

All our suits have detachable hoods and its essential that the hoods are removed prior to washing. Suits can then be washed in a washing machine on a warm or cold wash using normal clothes washing soap and napisan. Its best to ensure the soap is fragrance free so the bees are not disturbed when you next use the suit. Hang to dry on a thick hanger.

The hood can be hand washed and hung to dry.​​

If you cant work out how to remove the hood you slide the both of the zips to one end and the hood should come off just like a jacket zipper, if it wont work try the other end.  ​