A guide to native bees of Australia

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Thanks to the domesticated honeybee, bees are commonly perceived to be yellow and black striped insects that live in hives and produce honey. However, Australia's unassuming native bees are incredibly diverse in their appearance and habits. Some are yellow and black but others have blue stripes, are iridescent green or wasp-like.

Some are social but most are solitary. Some do build nests with wax but others use silk or plant material, burrow in soil or use holes in wood and even gum nuts! "A Guide to Native Bees of Australia" provides a detailed introduction to the estimated 2000 species of Australian bees.

Illustrated with stunning photographs, it describes the form and function of bees, their life cycle stages, nest architecture, sociality and relationships with plants. It also contains systematic accounts of the five families and 58 genera of Australian bees. Photomicrographs of morphological characters and identification keys allow identification of bees to genus level.

Natural history enthusiasts and professional and amateur entomologists and beekeepers will find this an essential guide. From CSIRO publishing.