BroodMinder-T2SM internal hive temperature

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Measure internal temperature a device designed to meet the needs of the beekeeper. Housed in a low profile (1/4″), bee-resistant wrapper, the BroodMinder-T2 sits on top of your brood or super frames so that any heat created by the bees is recorded as it rises to the top of the hive. Accurate to 1 degrees, you will notice the slightest of changes, allowing intervention before it is too late. You can have up to 2 of these in each hive.

Includes swarm detection algorithyms and faster data logging is a swarm is detected.

These can be read directly onto your phone using the Broodminder app or will also connect with the Broodminder Wifi or Cell units for remote monitoring.

BroodMinder utilizes the latest in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, integrated circuit temperature and humidity chips. With over 7,000 devices already delivered, we are the industry-leading, affordable, brood monitoring device.

The User manual can be downloaded here 

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